The CISG convention and domestic contract law e-bog Joseph Lookofsky

The Universit y of Copenhagen, Center for Commercial Law, is proud to present the papers in this volume which cast new light on the interrelationship between key features of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and domestic sales and contract law.The Nordic region has a special interest in this project, as 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the ratification of the CISG in most of the Nordic Countries. But the interaction between the CISG and domestic law is not merely a Scandinavian concern. CISG Article 7 expressly requires that in the interpretation of the CISG, “regard is to be had to its international character and to the need to promote uniformity in its application”. With particular emphasis on issues relating to Contract Formation, Conformity of Goods and Hardship, the authors discuss how CISG rules and principles impact on or are influenced by domestic sales and contract law, both in the Nordic region and elsewhere.Published with support from Dreyers Fond.IndholdsoversigtPrefacePART I: TRANSPLANTING THE AGREEMENT PRINCIPLE TO PROMISE - PRINCIPLE SOILChapter 1. The New Nordic Approach to CISG Part II: Pragmatism Wins the Day? – by Jan KleinemanChapter 2. CISG Article 16: A Well-placed Principle in the Law of Contract Formation? – by Mads Bryde AndersenChapter 3. CISG Article 16 and Nordic Domestic Law: Some Challenges of Contract Formation Rules in International Sales Law – by Berte-Elen R. KonowChapter 4. Comment: A Pragmatic Approach to Contract Formation – by Sverre BlandholChapter 5. Article 19 CISG & Scandinavian Domestic Law: Conflict or Peaceful Coexistence? – by Kasper SteensgaardChapter 6. Article 19 CISG & Scandinavian Domestic Law: Conflict or Peaceful Coexistence? – by Torgny HåstadPART II: CONFORMITY OG GOODSChapter 7. “Domestication” of Article 35(2)(a) CISG? – by Franco FerrariChapter 8. The Relationship between the Sections and Subsections of CISG Article 35 in Literature, Case Law and Domestic Contract Law: Harmony, Cross-Inspiration or Discord? – by René Franz HenschelChapter 9. The Influence of Domestic Public Law Requirements on the Application of Article 35 CISG – by Sonja KruisingaChapter 10. Cator Can’t Compete: Caveat Emptor under CISG Article 35(3)? – by Joseph LookofskyChapter 11. Some Remarks on the Caveat Emptor Rule under the CISG – in Cators Case and Others - by Morten M. FogtChapter 12. Post-Contractual Inspection & Timely Notification – Impact of Domestic Sales Conceptions on Articles 38 and 39 – by Ulrich MagnusChapter 13. Post-Contractual Inspection & Timely Notification – by Johnny HerrePART III: LIABILITY EXEMPTIONS AND HARDSHIPChapter 14. CISG Article 79: Getting Scafomed – by Harry FlechtnerChapter 15. CISG Article 79: Internationalization and Domestication – by Loukas MistelisChapter 16. CISG Article 79 and Hardship – by Torsten IversenChapter 17. Additional payment based on “hardship” in “construction sales contracts” (EPC-contracts) governed by CISG? – by Amund Bjøranger TørumPART IV: APPENDICESList of ContributorsList of AbbreviationsThe Nordic Contracts Act - translated by Sandro Nielsen from its Danish versionIndex of Selected Court CasesIndex of Rules and Topics

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